Monday, November 16, 2009

Tax Control VS Women

Tax control
One snail runs, let’s say so, in a forest and meets one fox. The fox asks her:
- Why are you so in hurry?
- I’m escaping form tax inspector.
- But what a tax inspector can want from you?
- You know, I have a house, my husband has a house and our children have house.

At this point, the fox starts running and after few hundred meters meets monkey. Monkey says:
- It’s seem to me that you are escaping from something.
- Yes, I’m running away from tax inspector.
- Sorry, but what do you have with tax inspector?
- I have fur, my husband has fur, and children too.

And monkey start escaping, too. Somebody asks her:
- Why are you escaping?
- You know that we with naked ass are always the first to be punished.

Afternoon of one beautiful Saturday. Three women play golf. One of them is not very practice and her ball fly into the forest. She goes in the forest to look for the ball and find a frog caught in a trap. The frog says to her:
- Set me free me and I will fulfill your three wishes!
Women, without hesitant, release the frog and frog says:
- Thank you good woman, but I forgot to mention something. Whatever you desire, your husband will get 10 times better.
-It’s OK for me.
Her first wish is to become the most beautiful woman in the world. The frog replies:
- Well, I'll do it, but I guess you know that your husband will be 10 times more beautiful, a really Adonis? All women in the world will want him.
- And I will be the most beautiful, so he will love only me.
And so she becomes the most beautiful woman in the world.
Now she wishes to become the richest woman in the world. The frog says:
- OK, but you must know that your husband will be 10 times richer than you?
- We have all properties in common, and that it isn’t a problem.
She becomes the richest woman in the world. Then she express her third, the last wish:
- I want to get an LIGHT heart attack.

The moral of the story is: women are intelligent. You should never joke with them!

NOTE: If you are female, do not read further, for you this is the end of the joke. Stop here and feel superior!

If you are man: the man had 10 times LIGHTER heart attack!

The second moral of the joke is: women think they are very intelligent. Let them think so and enjoy the spectacle.

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